Team Fortress 2

Russian documentary mistook TF2 for WW1 propoganda

Honest mistake or a case of misleading propaganda?

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For a seasoned gamer the following poster is clearly one depicting Valve's undying classic Team Fortress 2. For a Russian TV-team however, it can easily be mistaken for World War I propoganda, appearently.

This at least is what must have happenend during the making a WWI-documentary that aired in Russia last week. As spotted by gaming blog Kotaku one of the posters showed in documentary depicted the soldier from TF2 as he's about to eat a baby (a scene not found in the actual game, mind you), making it crystal clear how far the Allied were willing to go to soil the reputation of their enemies.

Hats of (pun intended) to the creator of the poster, it clearly lacks little in terms of authenticity.

Team Fortress 2

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