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RuneFest reveals new Archeology skill and much more

Whether on mobile or desktop, there's plenty coming to the RuneScape of your choice in the future.

RuneFest has just come to a close recently, and at the event plenty was revealed for RuneScape, including the all-new Archaeology skill which will be landing in January, the first new skill in four years.

You'll have to discover artifacts to improve this skill, visiting excavation sites as you go, where relics, weapons, and knowledge lie in wait.

The Ranch Out of Time content will see the level cap for Farming and Herblore raised from 99 to 120 as well, and a new season of questlines and lore - starting with Desperate Measures - will launch next year too.

Early access is also coming to RuneScape Mobile later in 2019, with every RuneScape member able to try it, since there's cross-play between mobile and desktop. It has a new UI though, designed for touchscreens.

As for Old School RuneScape, the Morytania Expansion opens the vampyre city of Darkmeyer to those on desktop and mobile, starting in early 2020, bringing an agility course, new activities, the penultimate quest in the Myreque series, new skill content, and a new group boss.

Elsewhere in OSR the Leagues game mode is also coming, with Twisted League kicking things off on November 14. This lets players tackle Ironman content on Zeah, and fans can also expect a new Clan system and Group Ironman mode.

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Old School Runescape

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