Xcom 2

Rumour: Xcom 2 and Catherine: Full Body coming to Switch

Two new ports have seemingly been outed by the Korean rating board.

Age rating boards around the world continue to be a prime source for leaks, and now it has happened once again as the South Korean equivalent of PEGI has rated no less than two unannounced games. The first one is Catherine: Full Body, which is the enhanced version of the original dreamy puzzler with plenty of extras as well as a third character to flirt with.

Xcom 2

The second game is Xcom 2: Collection, which has pretty much extra everything on top as it includes four DLC packs as well as full expansion War of the Chosen. Since neither of these titles has been officially announced yet, we don't know when they will be released - but we will at least be daring and say that the age ratings are usually done fairly close to the actual announcements.

Also, both titles feel like a very natural fit for the Switch, don't you think?

Xcom 2

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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