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Diablo IV

Rumour: Xbox Series X is getting a Diablo IV themed console

It's supposed to be released on June 6 together with the game.

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One of the more prominent leakers recently is the mysterious Billbil-kun on Twitter, who has shared plenty of stuff that eventually turned out to be true. Now he/she has another reveal in store for us, as it seems like Microsoft is preparing to launch a Diablo IV themed Xbox Series X.

Billbil-kun specifies that it's not just a bundle, but rather a "Xbox Series X Diablo IV Edition" that launches on June 6 (same day as Diablo IV) for $559.99. If this turns out to be correct, we can probably expect an announcement fairly soon as it is pretty much only two months to go until it's supposed to be released.

Diablo IV
An imagined image of what the controller could look like, designed by POPeART_.

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