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Rumour: Xbox Cloud Gaming device to be launched within 12 months

Microsoft is doubling down on its Cloud efforts.

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If you have Game Pass Ultimate, you get Xbox Cloud Gaming as a part of the deal and with this, you can play games from the subscription service as long as you have fast internet. Last week, Fortnite was also launched as a game that's now playable with Xbox Cloud Gaming even without a subscription, and it can even be used on iPhone despite Apple's iOS ban on the game.

This makes owning an actual console somewhat redundant for the casual gamer, and now it seems like this efforts is being stepped up. As reported by the Venture Beat editor Jeff Grubb, Microsoft is now preparing two new efforts to make Xbox Cloud Gaming better. One of them is a dedicated streaming device described as either a puck or a stick, which you just plug into your TV and start gaming with Xbox Series X graphics.

This will supposedly launch within twelve months, so an announcement shouldn't be too far off. But it turns out they have something else in store during the same time frame, and this is an app for Samsung TV's. By using this app and a controller, you will then basically have a built in Xbox Series X in your TV - as long as you have great internet.

While nothing is confirmed yet, Microsoft does have an event planned for June 12 and are also expected to have announcements in store for Gamescom in August. Something to look forward too.

Would you be interested in a dedicated Xbox Cloud Gaming device?

Rumour: Xbox Cloud Gaming device to be launched within 12 months

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