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Rumour: Xbox and Nintendo have more projects planned

Apparently, there's more collaboration to come from the two companies after Scalebound rumours started tongues wagging.

Recently Liam Robertson, self proclaimed video game researcher and known insider, reported that there might be plans for Nintendo to revive Scalebound. A rumour that got some traction in the gaming media. However, he has also claimed that Microsoft and Nintendo are doing business together on some big projects.

Now, yet another known insider has claimed the same thing and this time it's none other than Imran Khan, senior editor of Game Informer. Fast forward to 58 minutes into the Game Informer Show, and you'll hear Khan clearly state that he thinks that there are more Microsoft products coming out for the Switch and that both companies are talking on a third party basis:

"I mean, Phil Spencer has meetings with Nintendo as a third party, like, they talk in third-party relations. There's more work to come, probably."

We already know Xbox Live is coming to Switch, but what sort of cross-platform deals between Microsoft and Nintendo do you think could will result in?

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