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Far Cry 7

Rumour: Ubisoft is currently working on Far Cry 7 and another Far Cry game

The second title is meant to be a multiplayer-only release.

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Ubisoft is allegedly working on Far Cry 7 and another multiplayer Far Cry title, with both games in development.

Insider Gaming reports that details on the games are notably light, but it is thought to be the case that they were meant to be one and the same game at one point, but were then separated early on in development.

Both projects have heavy involvement from Ubisoft Montreal, and are known as Project Blackbird and Project Maverick for the single-player and multiplayer game respectively.

There are also rumours that Far Cry 7 could feature an Alaskan setting, with the player facing some harsh survival conditions.

What do you want to see from the new Far Cry game?

Far Cry 7

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