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Hogwarts Legacy

Rumour: This is how long it takes to complete Hogwarts Legacy

It seems like it'll be quite a lengthy adventure.

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There's less than a month to go until the release of the anticipated Hogwarts Legacy, where we will finally have free rein in JK Rowling's magical world. By all accounts, there's plenty to do at Hogwarts, so we should expect a pretty juicy play-time.

According to an unnamed leak, the same one that reportedly leaked the Hogwarts Legacy artbook, we'd be right to expect plenty of hours at Hogwarts.

According to the leak, it's around 35 hours if you just choose to run the campaign straight through and at least 70 hours if you also do all the side quests and seek out all the collectibles. For example, unlocking the Avada Kedavra curse via a side quest is supposed to happen late in the game, so anyone hoping to go berserk with the wand on their rivals and enemies will have to wait until near the end to do so.

It's a rumour, of course, but a playtime of upwards of 70 hours certainly doesn't seem unreasonable. We'll find out for sure on February 10 when Hogwarts Legacy is finally released.

Will you be jumping into Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy

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