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Rumour: There will be third-party games at July's Xbox event

We're expecting lots of Halo, but what else might Microsoft have in store for us next month.

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We have known for quite some time now that Microsoft will have an Xbox Series X event in July where it will reveal first-party games, with Halo Infinite being confirmed, as well as more talk about the console itself. Whether or not there will also be third-party titles in attendance has remained unclear, however, as there was a dedicated third-party event for Xbox Series X in May.

But if Jez Corden, editor of Windows Central, is to be believed (and he has a fairly good track record when it comes to Microsoft-related leaks) - there will be third party games as well. He says: "Can confirm at my end there's third party stuff in July."

Exactly which third-party titles we can expect to see at the event is currently unknown, but we know EA has a lot to announce, we haven't heard anything about the next Call of Duty yet (Activision has mostly been working with Sony this generation, but this could of course change), Take-Two likely has things to reveal, Bethesda has worked with Microsoft several times before, and we know Microsoft has courted a lot of Japanese publishers recently.

Are there any specific third-party games you would like to see revealed at the Microsoft event next month?

Rumour: There will be third-party games at July's Xbox event

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