The Witcher

Rumour: The Witcher to end with its fifth season

The show will reportedly only get two outings with Liam Hemsworth portraying Geralt of Rivia.

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Netflix's live-action take on The Witcher has been a conflicted production to say the least. Plenty of fans enjoy the show, while plenty of other fans seem to despise it with a passion. To add to this, there has been reports and claims of turmoil behind the scenes, which many assume are the reason why Henry Cavill decided to hang up the wolf medallion and leave the role of Geralt of Rivia behind, with Liam Hemsworth stepping up to take over monster-slaying duties with the upcoming Season 4.

But, it seems like we won't see Hemsworth portraying Geralt for long, as now a new report has been published by Redanian Intelligence (a site that reported on all things The Witcher for a long time) that states that the series will end with its fifth season.

It's said that work is currently resuming on writing the scripts for the fourth season, and that once that has been completed the scripts for the fifth season will also be written, as the plan is to produce these two seasons back-to-back. Due to the strikes, filming for Season 4 is said to now start in the first half of 2024, then for there to be a pause, before Season 5 production starts.

In terms of Season 5, while Netflix has yet to greenlight this, the report states "Season 5 is very likely the final season of The Witcher on Netflix."

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The Witcher

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