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Rumour: The planets of Starfield are bigger than the world of Skyrim

We're a year out from release.

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A month ago, there was a Starfield leak posted, which didn't get a whole lot of attention due to it's anonymous sources. But after the Starfield video Bethesda shared yesterday, it has been noticed that the rumour did in fact get some things right.

The year when the story takes place (2330) is almost spot on in the leak which claims it's 2320, as is the fact that there a religious cult faction that you'll be able to join. While this could be coincidences, it still increases the chances that the rest is accurate as well. If so, Starfield will offer dozens of "planets, moons, asteroids and other stations" and "each planet is bigger than skyrim's map". You will also be able to build your own settlement, and there will be aliens, although 99% is primitive, with the remaining percent being a part of the mystery in the main story.

The above mentioned cult faction "believe that Jesus/God came from the stars and are looking for his real birthplace", and we also learn there will be different gravity on different worlds. Science has been used to create life on worlds with more or less gravity. Earth is also destroyed and you cannot land there, but one of the biggest cities in the game is actually called Cydonia and located on Mars, and it is also one of the oldest settlements.

There are also other nuggets in the link above if you want to take a look. All of this should be taken with a whole lot of salt, and hopefully we'll hear more soon that can tell us if the leak is real or not as the launch of Starfield is only one year away.


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