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Perfect Dark

Rumour: The Initiative's first game might be released in seasonal format

Any announcement for the game is also expected to be coming soon.

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There have been many talks about The Initiative, the Santa Monica-based Microsoft studio. Understandable, because Microsoft has described them as creators of "AAAA games", while vacuuming the best talents from the industry and the best developers. But since the studio was founded in 2018, we might imagine that it would be several more years before their first release, right?

Actually, if we believed the new rumour, it might not be that way. Editor in chief of Windows Central, Jez Corden, and a pretty well-known Xbox insider, Rand al'Thor, have a podcast called Xbox Two. Because the two of them have a considerable track record about leaks, it's interesting to hear their latest findings about The Initiative's first game - which, according to them, will be known to us soon.

Like you might know, there's been rumours that the game will be set in the high-tech sci-fi world of Perfect Dark, a third-person adventure game with significant stealth sections. According to the two gents, however, the game will be released in seasons. Consider it an episodic approach, but with more significant releases.

These releases will mostly stand on their own, but with some connections because of the shared universe. The concept has been compared to the same universe used in the series Black Mirror (available on Netflix), as well as Remedy's "experimental" approach.

This is, of course, merely a rumour for now, but it feels believable, because it would allow The Initiative to release games faster compared to making a full game. It also means we can get several adventures across a few years before a connection ties them together. If Corden and Rand al'Thor are correct about the game's announcement coming soon, we might learn about it in the Game Awards starting this Thursday at 11:30pm GMT.

Perfect Dark

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