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The Elder Scrolls VI

Rumour: The Elder Scrolls VI to be released in 2026

A Microsoft lawyer seems to disagree with Phil Spencer regarding the release year.

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It was just a few days ago we reported that the Xbox boss himself, Phil Spencer, declared that The Elder Scrolls VI would launch in 2028 at the very earliest. He couldn't even say which formats it would be released on as it's so far away.

Surprisingly enough, we got another bid for the release year yesterday during the FTC vs. Microsoft/Activision Blizzard trial. One of Microsoft's lawyers wanted to clarify a misconception regarding The Elder Scrolls series, and said that the sixth installation "is projected for release in 2026 as a single-player game".

Unfortunately, this lawyer doesn't seem to be a gamer himself, as he also referred to The Elder Scrolls VI as The Elder Scrolls 16. This combined, with the fact that Spencer had a different bid (under oath), makes it really unlikely that it is trustworthy - but still ... let's hope the lawyer is right, as we all want to play the next game in the series as soon as possible.

The Elder Scrolls VI

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