Rumour: The Coalition is helping Obsidian Entertainment to make Avowed look better

It seems like Obsidian Entertainment might have switched to Epic's latest game engine.

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Avowed was shown off properly during not-E3 last year, with plenty of gameplay and information revealing that it seemed like it was going to be a pretty fancy adventure to be released in 2024.

And it appears that will be the case, but it seems that we might be able to raise our expectations for the visuals. Gears of War developer The Coalition is reported - via Windows Central editor Jez Corden - to have assisted Obsidian Entertainment to help them switch their game engine to Unreal Engine 5.3, which of course bodes well.

The Coalition are extremely skilled graphic artists and hopefully their expertise and the latest version of Epic's game engine can lead to a noticeable boost over what we saw last year. Expect Avowed to be shown during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, so already in 12 days we will know what the change of graphics engine means in real life.


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