Rumour: Starfield DLC could be getting a reveal soon

The Shattered Space Expansion might be revealing itself to us in a short time.

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It appears that Starfield's upcoming Shattered Space expansion could be heading our way sooner than we think. Or, at least a reveal could be coming shortly.

That's according to the game's Steam listing, where as per SteamDB a new Unknown App has been added to Starfield's DLC section. This might not mean anything, but as Elden Ring fans are all too keen to shout about, sometimes an update to a game's Steam file means big things.

Currently, it's safe to say Starfield hasn't quite lived up to player expectations. There's a lot of pressure riding on a title that's over a decade in the making, and yet a lot of fans found they were just travelling through another Bethesda RPG. Hoepfully, the Shattered Space Expansion can change that perception.


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