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Rumour: Starfield and Redfall development is in 'rough shape'

The leaker who called the Hi-Fi Rush announcement has made another big claim.

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Horns, the leaker who revealed the Hi-Fi Rush announcement before it was shown off at the recent Xbox and Bethesda Developers Direct, has made another claim that Bethesda and Arkane Studios are struggling to complete Starfield and Redfall.

"Redfall is coming first and is in rough shape still, and probably should use more quality control, but it's still in better shape than Starfield," Horns said. Microsoft is allegedly putting the pressure on to get both games out this financial year, and wants to make up for the losses it suffered from the Azure cloud division.

We haven't yet had Starfield's release date confirmed, but Horns argues that should Bethesda get their way, it'll come out in Autumn this year. We do know Redfall's release date, though, and that's set for the 2nd of May.

Hopefully, there won't be any more delays on either title, but from the sounds of it, a lot more work may need to be done on them.


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