Rumour: Starfield and Indiana Jones are coming to PlayStation 5

It seems like we can expect a major change in strategy from Microsoft.

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For a couple of months, there have been several indications that Microsoft is about to really shake up its strategy for Xbox going forward. This includes insiders claiming that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves would be coming for PlayStation 5 and/or Switch, but also Xbox CFO Tim Stuart who said back in November that we should expect Microsoft games on "every screen that can play games."

Well, it seems like they mean business. Several insiders now claim that we can expect Microsoft to really make an effort with its multiformat releases, and the user Idle Sloth says (in a now revoked X post) we can expect the Xbox team to communicate the strategy going forward in late February/early March. Some of the titles expected to be a part of this is Starfield, which was released back in September, but also Bethesda's upcoming games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and the next id Software title, widely believed to be a new Doom.

If this means every game will be multiformat from now on, or if it is a selection or some other kind of plan remains to be seen, but there is usually no smoke without fire - and there have been a whole lot of smoke lately. We're also interested to see how Xbox consoles and Game Pass fit into all of this (as Game Pass probably won't be allowed on neither PlayStation 5 or Switch).


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