Rumour: Square Enix to make a Guardians of the Galaxy game

Insider Jeff Grubb spoke about the title, claiming "That's real".

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Even with the issues that plagued Marvel's Avengers, the title still proved to be enough of a success for Square Enix that more Marvel projects are coming, as insider Jeff Grubb recently reported on his show Game Mess.

During the bumper show that touched on a lot of different leaks and rumours, Grubb talked about Square Enix and a Guardians of the Galaxy game, stating, "I heard Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be made by Square Enix, and now I... Yeah, that's real. That's real."

As Square Enix hasn't officially revealed any information about the game, we do have to take this with a grain of salt, but considering Grubb's track record, we can probably expect this to hold some credit.

You can check out Grubb's Game Mess show here, where he talks about the Guardians of the Galaxy game at around 9:24.

Rumour: Square Enix to make a Guardians of the Galaxy game

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