Splatoon 4

Rumour: Splatoon 4 is in the works at Nintendo

The game is apparently being made under the codename Spiral.

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Splatoon 3 only released in 2022, but it seems Nintendo might be working on a sequel already. At least, that's what one leaker and dataminer seems to believe.

MbKKssTBhz5 or みどり on Twitter/X is usually known for her Persona and Sega leaks, however she has recently branched out into some Nintendo speculation. She claims that Nintendo is working on a game under the codename Spiral, which is apparently Splatoon 4.

Definitely take your spoonful of salt here, we'd say, as while it is possible and likely Nintendo would want to make a sequel to Splatoon 3, considering how successful it was, we're not sure whether now is the time.

What do you think of this supposed leak?

Splatoon 4

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