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Rumour: Soul Calibur VI to be revealed at PSX

The game may be more narrative-focused.

Although it has not been officially announced, a reveal of Soul Calibur VI has been rumoured for a while, and now some more rumours have appeared on NeoGAF from an insider (who decided to remain anonymous as he/she's directly involved in the project) who's stated that the game will officially be announced at PlayStation Experience, which will be hosted from December 9 to 10, and that it will be narrative-focused.

In fact, it seems that Soul Calibur VI will have a Story Mode, so this time the game won't be focused exclusively on the multiplayer. At the moment we don't have any further information on this new game, but PlayStation Experience is just around the corner, so we don't have to wait a lot before we have an official confirmation or denial on this matter.

Are you waiting for Soul Calibur VI?

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