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Rumour: Sony is working on a reboot of Karate Kid

It's said to be completely unrelated to any previous works, meaning Cobra Kai fans can rest easy.

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Time for another trip to the recycling centre. Rumours in the film industry suggest that Sony is working on a reboot of the Karate Kid and is actively seeking a 17-year-old Chinese person for the main role. The new film is said to be completely unrelated to anything previously made, including the beloved Cobra Kai series, and is instead focusing on telling a new story with elements from the original.

The news comes from Murphys Multiverse who also says that the intended lead will be called "Li" and will be a student in Beijing but due to external circumstances is forced to move to Brooklyn, New York.

The character is referred to as Li and is said to be small for his age, but tough, smart and scrappy. He is said to be a skilled fighter and a student in Beijing who finds his life uprooted after his mother moves them to Brooklyn, New York. Li is said to be struggling with a past tragedy, which drives a wedge between him and his doctor mom, who has managed to handle the same tragedy in her own way. After Li meets Mia, a student from his high school, and her father, Victor, at a local pizza restaurant, he'll soon find his life has changed yet again - for the better. Li soon finds himself training Victor in the art of Kung Fu, despite his mother's stance against violence and fighting, and ultimately back in the ring himself."

A director has not yet been announced, but Rob Lieber is said to be one of the film's screenwriters.

How does this sound, keen for another reboot (which is also in fact the second in a row for the Karate Kid franchise)?

Rumour: Sony is working on a reboot of Karate Kid

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