Rumour: Sony is working on a new PSP that runs PlayStation 4 games

Perhaps it could be revealed at an upcoming summer event?

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There have been many rumours lately that Microsoft is working on a portable Xbox console, but there have also been signs that Sony is crafting a portable PlayStation. And now comes a new rumour from a Russian journalist (via Resetera) who previously revealed Sony news in advance that says Sony is working on a new PSP.

The device is supposed to be powerful enough to be able to play PlayStation 4 games on, or at least the journalist notes that there are only PlayStation 4 games available for PC listed as launch titles. A reasonable guess is therefore that it is a PC-based solution that will be able to run the PC games Sony has released, and of course other titles as well.

However, it could also be a portable PlayStation 4, which means a large number of titles available from the start and hopefully such a portable unit would ensure that the console will continue to receive games for a long time to come.

For now it's just a vague rumour, but Sony is rumoured to have an event later this month so hopefully we'll know more soon.

Rumour: Sony is working on a new PSP that runs PlayStation 4 games

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