Sonic Frontiers

Rumour: Sonic Team is currently developing Sonic Frontiers 2

Two proven insiders say it is coming, without providing any more information about this project.

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After the success of the Sonic movies, it seems that Sega and Sonic Team have gained new confidence and after two decades of wildly uneven Sonic games, the hedgehog's latest adventures have been all the better.

Perhaps the most notable of these is 2022's Sonic Frontiers, and many have been hoping for a sequel. And maybe it's on its way. The often trusted insider Daniel Richtman has revealed via his Patreon account that Sega is currently working on Sonic Frontiers 2. This obviously made a lot of fans happy, but it's still an unconfirmed rumour, which prompted one user to ask the famously knowledgeable Sega/Atlus insider MbKKssTBhz5 if he/she had heard anything about it.

Sure enough, the person behind the account replied: "This is correct information", and then continued:

"The title is a sequel to Frontiers in gameplay style. But the name might change. Frontiers was Rangers until it was announced."

Even though it's still just a rumour, these two sources are unusually good, and hopefully we'll get to return to the world of Sonic Frontiers in the not too distant future.

Sonic Frontiers

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