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Skull & Bones

Rumour: Skull & Bones is leaving last-gen behind

An age rating suggests so.

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The development of Skull & Bones started back in 2013 and it was announced in 2017, with a planned release of 2018. Long story short: it's still not out and we have barely seen any signs of life for many years.

As PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was the main consoles back in 2017 (Switch was still very new), it was announced for those two formats besides PC, but now we've got an indication that last-gen might have been ditched. As noted by several people, including IdleSloth84 on Twitter, Skull & Bones has got a Brazil age-rating from the equivalent of PEGI - but only for PC, PlayStation 5, Stadia and Xbox Series S/X.

This is probably a sign that Ubisoft is simply is leaving last-gen behind for Skull & Bones, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Do you consider this to be good or bad?

Skull & Bones

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