Skull and Bones

Rumour: Skull and Bones' latest playtests are being poorly received

There's an overall feeling that the pirate game is nothing special.

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Recent playtesters of Skull and Bones are reportedly not interested with the game, and many are struggling to get invested in it or see the benefit of Ubisoft's extra work that has gone into it.

This is according to Insider Gaming, and if it proves to be true, then it is yet another bad sign for Skull and Bones. Initially revealed back in 2017, the game has been subject to consistent delays in order to polish it up.

Yet, it appears all these efforts may be for nought. Public sentiment has very much turned against Skull and Bones, and with the latest delay it would be the biggest surprise to see many people react to the game in more than a nonchalant manner.

Playtesters have also reportedly said the game is littered with game-breaking bugs, and that it lacks combat on land. But, it seems that development may be too far in to make any significant changes at this point, and despite Ubisoft's best efforts, Skull and Bones will likely disappoint upon its release.

Skull and Bones

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