Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Ring to be revealed in July

The wearable device is said to be the latest in the line of health-centric products.

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The personal health technology industry is becoming increasingly popular. For a while, this seemed to revolve mainly around smartwatches that could inform you about your bodily health, but this has since developed into a whole slate of areas, including technical scales, smart toilets, and more. Samsung is soon set to debut a new type of wearable too, one that will be able to inform you about your bodily functions again, except by only fitting around your finger.

Known as the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the device was recently confirmed to be real, and will be able to measure blood flow, and use electrocardiogram functions to track heart rate and detect cardiovascular issues.

While the product has yet to be fully unveiled, a new report from Android Authority has claimed that the Ring will be shown off in full at a Samsung Unpacked event planned for the second half of July. This will supposedly also be the place where the next iteration of the Z Fold and Z Flip phones will be announced too.

The release date for the Ring was not mentioned, but Samsung has previously noted that it was aiming at a second half of 2024 window, which makes this announcement seem all the more accurate.

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Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Ring to be revealed in July

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