Rumour: RTX 3000 series could enter production in six weeks

If you're starting to think that a 2080 is too slow for you, then this news may well appeal.

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Production of the RTX 3090/3080 could start in the next six weeks, a new rumour has suggested.

In a surprising example of employer disloyalty, sources very close to the actual production of the card have told Igors Lab that the cards are currently in the Design Validation Test phase, and based on previous data and known time frames, Igors Lab has made a new, and most likely correct timeline, although some very rough estimations are to be expected.

If the RTX3000 series undergoes the same procedures and processes, Igors Lab predicts that working samples will be made next month and that the actual production of the new line will start in mid-August, with an official launch in September (which is also the predicted release by almost all other industry sources). This would have tied in perfectly with the release of Cyberpunk 2077, however, that was just announced as being delayed yesterday. Boohoo.

Two different heatsink designs will also be tested, according to the same source, leading to speculation that the Founder's Edition cards will either be very different from what we have seen or at least that another design is currently in consideration.

We still hope a Cyberpunk 2077 themed RTX 3000 card will happen, though.

Rumour: RTX 3000 series could enter production in six weeks

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