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Rumour: Riot Games to mandate player contracts next season

They are allegedly attempting to make players be considered more like employees.

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According to a report online Riot Games will require all North American and European League Championship Series teams to treat staff, including players, more like employees than contractors, meaning that they will require teams to contractually employ them as of next season.

Employing staff in this way also means it would allow players access to things like healthcare, and will also change tax rules, as teams will withhold taxes upfront, something that hasn't really happened in recent years.

Apparently a minimum salary is also being considered, standing at $12,500 US dollars for North American teams and €11,250 for those in Europe, these salaries being per player each split season.

Only six teams employ staff in this way right now, those being Cloud9, H2K Gaming, Immortals, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid and Unicorns of Love, but if these measures were put into place then 14 teams will have to comply.

What do you think? Are these rumours true? Would you like them to be?

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