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Rumour: Riot Games launching new event this summer

A Riot Games insider allegedly gives details.

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According to a rumour from Yahoo Esports a Riot Games employee from China by the name of Ye Qiang has revealed that there will be a new event this summer held by Riot Games for League of Legends.

The new event is allegedly planned for July this year, but won't clash with existing schedules, and will apparently differ in format from the MSI and Worlds, possibly even taking the format of something like the World Cup, although the details aren't finalised according to Qiang.

Riot Games currently only hosts one international event each year for League of Legends, so the target of events being "more diversified [to] satisfy our audience and [...] give everyone a better player experience," as phrased by Qiang, can only mean good things for spectators at least.

Yahoo Esports also claims that Riot are looking to expand League of Legends popularity in China, as well as looking at expanding the collegiate circuit there too.

Would you like to see another international tournament this year?

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