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Metroid Prime Trilogy

Rumour: Retro Studios isn't working on Metroid

Or Donkey Kong, for that matter.

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It has been years since we got a new proper Metroid game and now that there's new Nintendo hardware on the way with Switch, fans have been hoping that Retro Studios would return to the series with a new Metroid Prime.

Now a new rumour has surfaced (as spotted by Neogaf) indicating that Retro isn't working on Metroid or Donkey Kong, but that whatever they're up to will be ready for release next year.

Emily Rogers tweeted: "Rumour: Spoke to sources this morning. Retro Studios' NX project isn't Metroid or Donkey Kong Country. Releases 2017."

Maybe there's something entirely new on the way from the studio. What are you hoping for?

Metroid Prime Trilogy

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