Resident Evil 9

Rumour: Resident Evil 9 to launch in January 2025

Although a few weeks ago the same source claimed that it had been delayed further, he now seems to be more confident about the date.

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There are many voices clamouring for accreditation and notoriety in the video game leaks world, but the real insiders, those with a proven track record of accuracy and reliability, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It's not lost on anyone who closely follows the Resident Evil franchise that information about the upcoming instalment has been shrouded in more fog than its rival series, but Dusk Golem now claims that the announcement of Resident Evil 9 could be very close, and in fact is predicting a January 2025 release date.

Big words, no doubt, but the leaker has a pretty reliable track record in the past. This time, however, his information clashes with precisely what he claimed a few weeks ago, saying then that the ninth instalment had been delayed and that a remake, possibly of Resident Evil 5 or Code: Veronica, would be in its place on the schedule. He himself denies them in the tweet.

Let's hope this new claim is more accurate, but it's still some time before we can confirm it.

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Resident Evil 9

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