Resident Evil 9

Rumour: Resident Evil 9 has the "biggest budget" of the series yet

It seems like Capcom is cooking something really special.

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Capcom has been on a streak for a couple of years where most things they touch turns into gold, and this is especially true for the Resident Evil series. And after releasing a couple of big hits, it seems like they are now preparing for something really special with Resident Evil 9.

The proven Capcom insider Dusk Golem has delivered correct information about upcoming games in the franchise for many years, and now he has been at it again. This time he reveals that we can look forward to a game with a bigger budget than ever before, that also will finish the old story while at the same time starting something new:

"The two things I've said about it publicly is RE9 is the biggest budget & longest development time of any RE game to date (it's been in dev since 2018, probably won't release until 2025 at the earliest sans development going super well ala RE:4 (RE:4 was actually released sooner than expected after the internal reboot due to development going surprisingly great and smoothly)).

Second is Capcom have considered RE9 to be a closing chapter for a few things to move onto from there to new story arcs and focuses, take the series in new directions. So RE9 is sorta' both a closing & beginning chapter for things in Capcom's eyes."

If Dusk Golem is right, it means we probably won't see any sign of life from Resident Evil 9 for at least another year, but it still sounds like something worth waiting for.

Resident Evil 9

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