Rumour: Resident Evil 1 is next in line for a Capcom remake

It seems like Resident Evil 5 and the fan-favourite Resident Evil Code: Veronica might have to wait a bit longer before getting the remake-treatment.

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After scoring hit after hit with their remakes, most people probably expected Capcom to continue the same pattern. But what game will come next? Many have guessed Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil Code: Veronica - but maybe both are wrong.

The Gamer cites several sources who all say in unison that Capcom is currently working on a remake of the very first game in the series from 1996, which actually got a remake after only six years. But considering that even that remake is now 22 years old, an updated version doesn't seem unreasonable.

If the information is correct, the remake is expected to premiere in 2026. Given that we have events from Microsoft and Sony as well as the Summer Games Fest within a month, there is a decent chance that we may soon know more about what's next for the series.

What interest do you have in a remake of the first Resident Evil?

Rumour: Resident Evil 1 is next in line for a Capcom remake

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