Rumour: PS4 Neo specs won't differ much from original leak

Insider says those hoping for more power after MS revealed Scorpio to lower expectations.

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The first time we heard about Sony's plans for the PS4 Neo, it was via several leaked documents describing the specifications of the console. Since then PlayStation's Andrew House has confirmed that they're working on a high-end console with support for 4K (in some way).

Since Microsoft announced Scorpio at this year's E3 (documents were leaked ahead of the expo), rumours have it that Sony went back to the drawing board in order to make a more powerful Neo than they first had in mind. This, however, is being denied by industry insider Daniel Ahmad / ZHugeEX (he's been right about things like this in the past), who thinks that people should manage their expectations so as not to be disappointed. Here's what he writes on Twitter:

"I think the people who are expecting PS4 Neo to have a huge spec boost over what was previously leaked are going to be disappointed."

If the original specs are set in stone, we're going to be looking at an inferior console compared to Microsoft's Project Scorpio (with its much discussed six tera flops...) come next autumn. We guess we'll know more after the Playstation Meeting tomorrow, which starts 8.00pm BST / 9.00pm CET.

Rumour: PS4 Neo specs won't differ much from original leak

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