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Rumour: PlayStation Game Pass to be revealed next week

It's finally time to learn how Sony's version compares to Microsoft's.

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It's been close to four months since Bloomberg's Jason Schreier decided to reveal that Sony's long rumoured and teased Game Pass competitor was set to launch sometime this spring, and we've got many indications of it closing in over the last few weeks. There's a reason for that.

Schreier has now published a new article claiming that what we'll just call PlayStation Game Pass for the time being is set to be officially revealed next week if everything goes according to plan. This matches up with what I heard back in December, as Sony wanted to unveil it before its last fiscal report for this year.

He doesn't say anything new besides this, but reiterates that this fusion of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will let us choose between different tiers, where the most expensive one will offer demos for quite a few games, being able to play and/or stream games from older generations and more, as I mentioned back in December. The one thing that will still really disappoint many out there is that Sony hasn't changed its mind about not launching PlayStation Studios games directly on the service, so we'll see how the company tries to brush that part under the rug in the reveal.

Rumour: PlayStation Game Pass to be revealed next week

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