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Rumour: Pictures of the RTX 4060 leak online

The upcoming card could finally give us a budget 40-series GPU.

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Images of what appear to be the RTX 4060 have popped up online, sparking belief that an official announcement of the card could be coming soon.

As spotted on Videocardz, the pictures show a smaller 40 series card, but it seems the 4060 still has the single-fan design of its other Founders Edition brethren. It should be noted this card is designed to fit into two PCIe slots only.

Rumour: Pictures of the RTX 4060 leak online

According to Videocardz, the leak could be of a 4060 Ti, despite the images stating it is a 4060 card. Either way, we've still got to wait until the 4070 is out before we can start anticipating the next card in Nvidia's line-up.

Hopefully, the 4060 won't come with a ridiculous price tag. But, with the example set by the other 40 series cards, this seems somewhat unlikely.

Rumour: Pictures of the RTX 4060 leak online

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