Rumour: Peter Griffin and Solid Snake are coming to Fortnite

A leaked image suggests both will be debuting in the next and upcoming season.

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This weekend will be a very big one for Fortnite as the battle royale will be serving up a massive event that will see the game leaving behind its fourth chapter and starting its fifth. To this end, a leak has taken place on the Xbox dashboard, showing what seems to be a teaser of the battle pass for the first season of Chapter 5 of Fortnite, and it includes a couple of major characters.

As can be seen below, the image reveals that both Peter Griffin and Solid Snake will be arriving in the battle royale sometime next season. Usually for the battle pass additions like this one seems to be, all of the skins will be added come the start of the season and it will be up to the player to unlock them at their own pace. This does likely suggest that Peter Griffin and Solid Snake will be arriving on the Island as soon as Chapter 5 starts in the coming days.

Will you be catching the next big Fortnite event and then playing Chapter 5 afterwards?


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