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Persona 6

Rumour: Persona 3 Remake and Persona 6 to be revealed this summer

It seems like we can look forward to a double dose of Persona this summer.

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Persona 5 was originally released in 2016 and received near standing ovations from both press and gamers, but although we've had updated versions and spinoffs since then, there hasn't been a direct sequel released.

But at least there is one is on the way, at least if we're to believe an insider at ResetEra called Im A Hero Too, who proved to have a good knowledge on the series in the past. The person writes that Persona 6 will be announced this summer - and not only that - we'll also get Persona 3 Remake announced at about the same time: "Remake is pretty far along last I saw but so was 6. Last I heard, summer reveal."

Of course, this is far from an official confirmation, but nothing in the statement sounds unlikely and given the source, we still dare to get a little excited.

Persona 6

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