Perfect Dark

Rumour: Perfect Dark will be shown next month

Last week we reported that it probably wouldn't happen, but another insider claims to have other information...

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There are an unusual amount of rumours at the moment, which is perhaps not surprising given that there are several big gaming events coming up in the first half of June (and possibly Sony already this month).

One of the confirmed happenings is the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, where we are expected to see Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and the announcement of Gears 6. But there will of course be more than that and there are lots of information about what these titles might be.

Last week we could report that reliable insider and journalist Jeff Grubb said that Perfect Dark was in a bad state and thus probably has a long way to go before it can be shown. But not everyone agrees with this.

Another reliable insider is Nate the Hate, and he claims instead that Perfect Dark will actually be shown in June. During a discussion with Spawn Wave in the latest DirectXbox podcast episode, he explained:

"At this point, I fully expect that we will see Perfect Dark next month, and that some of the more recent rumors may have been outdated information, perhaps [...] I've been hearing things this week that Perfect Dark is not in that bad of a state."

Which of them is actually right remains to be seen, but it's worth mentioning that Grubb himself says that he's now also been reached by information that Perfect Dark will be shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Something to look forward to, perhaps?

Perfect Dark

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