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Rumour: NX could be revealed this week

According to a well-known Nintendo insider.

Everyday there seems to be news or rumours about Nintendo NX, the eagerly awaited new platform from Nintendo, but we still await firm, official details on exactly what the new hardware will be like.

In the past few hours, Emily Rogers, a well-known Nintendo insider, revealed on Twitter that the unveiling of the new console would be imminent and that we could expect news about it this week or next week.

According to Rogers, Nintendo will hold a meeting with shareholders on October 26 where the company could reveal the first details about NX. However, Serkan Toto doesn't believe that the presentation of the platform is imminent. In addition, the insider insists that Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017 and that the console won't suffer any delays, as many have argued for some time, since Nintendo haven't shown it yet. Of course, as it happens in these situations, we recommend to take this news with a pinch of salt, since these are merely rumours and at least partially speculation. Of course, if Nintendo really aims to publish the platform in March, they should start planning a reveal sometime soon. We will keep you updated.

Rumour: NX could be revealed this week

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