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Rumour: Nintendo's E3 press conference will be 30 minutes

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E3 is getting ever closer, with EA getting the ball rolling on Saturday evening, and so the rumours and speculations are popping up at an exponential rate. The latest one is about Nintendo's Direct show on Tuesday at 17:00 BST as, according to tweets about the conference (picked up by NeoGAF user Nbz), the show will be only 30 minutes. 30 minutes after the Direct, or Spotlight Presentation, Nintendo Treehouse then kicks off, and we have a hard time believing Nintendo would cut themselves off.

The tweet also reveals what the focus points of the Treehouse show will be, and if this is true we'll get an in-depth view of Super Mario Odyssey and Pokkén Tournament DX. Hopefully we'll get a release date for Mario's debut on Nintendo Switch too.

Would you be surprised if Nintendo's conference is this short?

Super Mario Odyssey

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