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Rumour: Nintendo Switch launches on March 17 in Europe

Laura Dale provides some more speculation.

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Last month Nintendo finally lifted the veil off their next console Nintendo Switch, previously known as simply "NX", and they also confirmed that March was the month that the hardware would get released.

Now journalist Laura Dale, who has been accurate in her reporting of the console so far, has taken to Twitter to "confirm" that the exact date for the Nintendo Switch to launch in PAL regions (Europe, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa) will be March 17. She also notes that the worldwide launch will occur during the same week, but not on the exact same day.

Of course, as this didn't come from Nintendo themselves, we'll have to put this in the sock drawer of rumours for now, but Nintendo has promised to talk about the Switch in more detail in January, so then we'll know for sure. Will you be getting one yourself?

Rumour: Nintendo Switch launches on March 17 in Europe

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