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Rumour: Nintendo Switch has 4GB RAM

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers answers our questions yet again.

Early last week there were rumours floating around that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will have 4GB RAM, which is twice the amount the Wii U had and half that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There was also some uncertainty regarding whether this rumour referred to development kits or the actual units that will be sold, which now seems to have been somewhat clarified.

On Sunday the Nintendo insider Emily Rogers tweeted: "Alright. I have some good news. I can confirm that Switch has 4GB of RAM in retail units. Not just the dev kits. Double the Wii U's RAM," answering a lot of these rumours.

While this is still not officially confirmed, of course, Rogers has a long history of getting things right regarding Nintendo, especially in regards to the Switch back when we knew it as the NX. We suggest you take this piece of news with a slightly smaller pinch of salt than usual as it just might be true. She really states it as correct, after all, knowing she'll never be believed again if it is false. Do you believe her?

Rumour: Nintendo Switch has 4GB RAM

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