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Rumour: Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox won't be a part of E3 2023

The first in-person Electronic Entertainment Expo in four years might very well be the last.

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When the Entertainment Software Association and ReedPop revealed that they would team up to revive the in-person Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known as E3) this year, many of us questioned what form this would take considering most of the big and some smaller developer and publishers have found success with having their own showcases lately. Not only that, but Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest has done a great job of replacing parts of E3's purpose, so the theories about this being the famous expo's last hurrah have been very understandable. Especially after tonight's report.

IGN's Kat Bailey claims neither Nintendo, PlayStation nor Xbox will be a part of E3 2023 or even have a presence on the Los Angeles Convention Center's showfloor. Not exactly surprising, considering the two Japanese companies have been doing their own thing for years already and Microsoft earlier this month confirmed Xbox Game Studios will have its own summer showcase again. The good news is that this means we'll still get plenty of exciting announcements and trailers from the first-party studios. The bad news is that it also makes E3 seem all the more irrelevant even if it's probably still a good place to make some new friends and connections.

Rumour: Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox won't be a part of E3 2023

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