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Rumour: Nintendo is working on a new IP for NX

The project is "weird, fun and crazy".

This morning we reported that Emily Rogers - a well-known Nintendo insider - stated that Nintendo NX will be officially revealed this week, or possibly next week. Over the past few hours, the insider has also revealed new details, saying that according to her sources a new mysterious IP would be in the works for this brand-new platform.

As she reported, the game would be in development at one of Nintendo's Japanese teams, but at the moment it's unclear whether it will be a launch title for NX or not. According to Rogers, the project is described as weird, fun and crazy: "Nintendo doesn't have another game like this", she wrote.

Of course, this is about as vague as things go, and you have to wonder if it wouldn't have been more of a surprise to hear that Nintendo don't have a new IP in the works for NX. But still, the fact that she has heard info now would indicate that it might be one of the early big games for the new platform.

Rumour: Nintendo is working on a new IP for NX

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