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Rumour: NetherRealm developing Marvel fighting game

Studio founder Ed Boon, stoked the rumour fires.

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It has been rumoured for some time that NetherRealm Studios would be working on a fighting game featuring Marvel characters. Since the studio was founded in 2010, they have, as you know, switched between Mortal Kombat and Injustice every other game where both brands are Warner owned (they also own NetherRealm Studios themselves), while Marvel is known to be owned by Disney.

Yesterday, the studio's founder and boss Ed Boon took the opportunity to throw some wood on the rumour fire by retweeting director James Gunn while also adding: "Wow. @JamesGunn has managed to work on DC and MARVEL movies. That's impressive."

This was then complemented by a thinking emoji. Given that Boon - who is a very diligent tweeter who loves leaving clues about upcoming projects - of course has heard the rumours and seen the "evidence" that his studio is now making a fighting game based on Marvel, is now posting something that sounds like he's also referring to himself, making us suspect something might be in the making.

Marvel has previously collaborated with Capcom, TT Games and Nintendo amongst others, so it does not seems too farfetched that they have also tried to start a collaboration with NetherRealm. The dream, of course, would be a crossover with Marvel vs DC, but that would probably be stretching the luck. For the time being, let's just hope we can get a super-gorgeous Marvel fighting game from scratch adapted for the new consoles.

Rumour: NetherRealm developing Marvel fighting game

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