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The Elder Scrolls VI

Rumour: Netflix will make show based on The Elder Scrolls

The rumoured show is expected to be big budget as well.

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The rumour mill went crazy last night, when We Got This Covered delivered a report claiming that Netflix is about to make a TV series based on Bethesda's popular The Elder Scrolls series. And it's a big budget one compared to Netflix' take on The Witcher.

Unfortunately, the sources mentioned aren't the best, but as fantasy is really hot right now and Netflix is making a lot of series based on video games - it seems almost likely that this will happen sooner or later (after all, Amazon is making a series based on Fallout). Still, take this with a huge heap of salt until further notice.

What would you like to see a TV series based on The Elder Scrolls explore from the rich lore of the games?

The Elder Scrolls VI

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