Neon White

Rumour: Neon White coming to Xbox and Game Pass

Potentially even later this month.

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The very stylish and fun parkour shooter Neon White quickly became a big hit when it was released for PC and Switch during the summer, and last week it was confirmed that Angel Matrix and Annapurna Interactive is also about to launch it for PlayStation this month.

Fortunately, it seems like even more people might get to join the fun, as the fairly famous insider and XboxEra Podcast host Nick "Shpeshal Nick" Baker says it is coming for Xbox as well. He also adds that we should expect it to be released straight for Game Pass. He even believes this could happen the second half of December, as we still don't know which games will be added then, and would mean it launches for Xbox on the same day as PlayStation.

Until confirmed it's only a rumour, but Shpeshal Nick has proven to be fairly reliable in the past, so we would not rule this one out.

Neon White

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