Rumour: MultiVersus could be revealing news soon

Steam app files have sent fans into speculation mode.

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Sometimes, fans of a game will spot a Steam app update and immediately think all their dreams are about to come true. We saw it recently, with people thinking Elden Ring was about to shadow launch its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. We did get a trailer from that, but sometimes Steam app updates don't indicate anything major.

I'm perhaps prematurely pooping on the party here, as MultiVersus fans have spotted two new app updates, which many believe are related to the upcoming return of the game. Since MultiVersus shut down its beta servers, players have been eagerly awaiting a return to the platform fighter.

If the Steam app update does indicate news coming soon, it will be interesting to see how MultiVersus has grown and improved since we last saw it. The game initially found millions of players, but then dropped a lot of them over a short period of time. Hopefully people will stick around for longer this time.


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