Rumour: might NX swap discs for cartridges?

Wild speculation surfaces regarding Nintendo's next console.

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Grab a handful of salt and enjoy the latest round of hardware rumours regarding Nintendo's next home console, the upcoming NX. Due to launch in March 2017, there's plenty of speculation about what the next machine will or will not be. One interesting rumour that we stumbled upon today is the suggestion that the console might be about to ditch the disc drive last seen in the Wii U, in favour of a return to cartridge-based gaming.

The report comes via ScreenCritics, but it's so sketchy and speculative that'll we'll only offer the broad strokes here. Basically, the site is suggesting that Nintendo's long time producer of ROM chips, Macronix, is preparing for a bumper order from the company in the coming months. They speculate that the combination of timing (relative to Nintendo's plans) and the new, increased memory size of the company's next generation of chips points to a potential return to cartridges for Nintendo's next home console, but of course there's no official indication that this is the case, and with Nintendo already confirming that it won't be showing the Wii U's successor at E3, it's going to be a while before we find out either way.

Rumour: might NX swap discs for cartridges?
Are we looking at a return to the golden age of cartridges?

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